Stem HQ / TechGarage would like to thank great charity challenge, our team, and our sponsors canadian pacific and bainbridge companies.

Techgarage Team

TechGarage team finished 3rd and a grant for $100,000 will be used to start and support competitive robotics teams in the at-risk community!!!!

TechGarage Drone Robot League

  • Rules for the game will be announced on September 9th at noon as part of the 30 hour build season/kickoff
  • A team will consist of two robots and two drones with two team members per drone and robot for a total of eight team members
  • The team will compete as a group for the season and work together to develop optimal winning strategy
  • Season runs from September – December
  • 10 minute matches best two out of three for up to 30 minutes of field time in one hour
  • Matches scheduled throughout the season
  • Matches between teams will use differential scoring based on highest previous match score to make all matches competitive
  • Robot size 24″x24″x24″ and must use batteries legal in FIRST FTC or VEX
  • We provide Python/OpenCV toolkit for Bebop drone used for autonomous and game programming
  • Drones will play defense, score ping pong balls and capture hidden pictures of Science and Math questions solved by the team for game points
  • Participants can work on integrating their robot design into multiplayer game that is being developed by TechGarage members
  • At the end of the season each team member will vote for the best robots and drones to select the All-Star team
  • Two divisions – intermediate and advance with a league championship tournament at the end
  • Skill certification recognizing individual accomplishments in CAD, Java, Python, 3D printing, Laser Cutting, Autonomous, OpenCV, Unity

TechGarage Virtual Reality League

  • We are adding a program where members will compete in the Intel/Oculus VR Challenger League(link)
  • We have 10 Oculus VR 1080 workstations that will be reserved and prioritized for the league during the week
  • Participation will require members to demonstrate a strong aptitude and interest in programming
  • This is not a program designed to play video games but make programming fun in an immersive environment
  • Each member will need to show progress in developing an educational Virtual Reality game that can be used to teach topics in 5th or 8th grade science
  • Priority will be given based on length of membership at TechGarage, attending Summer Camp and participation in year round programs
  • TechGarage will have open time for members to have some VR fun but will be outside of normally scheduled practice time and be a member in good standing


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